Life Lived Well

Life at Lara Lodge Care Home isnt about retiring from life - its more about moving into a Home that you can really call your own, getting the support, assistance and care that you are looking for. 

The location of Lara is less than a ten minute drive into the town centre,  tucked away in an attractive cul-de-sac with great neighbours that we have a good repoire with.

On the acre of grounds we have a variety of established rhododendrons, camellias and azaleas. The surrounding gardens are also home to a variety of colourful flowering plants, shrubs and trees that showcase the seasons.

We embrace the garden to table ethos, planting our own vegetable, herb & fruit gardens to ensure our meals have spray free goodies included in our chefs creative menus. 

Whether you or your loved one is looking for a short stay or a new home, we welcome you to come for a visit, meet the staff and those that live here. Take all the time you need to look around, enjoy a cuppa and be free to ask all the questions you need to.

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Live Lived Well

Lara Lodge Care Home offers the best of residential care in a stand alone Home in Rotorua.

While offering a warm, secure, clean and comfortable environment, we aim to provide options that are not one-size-fits-all.

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Lara Lodge offers you the comfort, style, atmosphere and values that you would hope to find in a loving, caring and friendly home. Excellence of care is paramount to the team that work together to ensure that your needs are well taken care of 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Staff are passionate about the areas that they serve in, whether cleaning, cooking, gardening, activities, admin, maintenance, care-giving or nursing. Each person loves what they do and they encourage one another to go the extra mile in our service here.
Certification by the Ministry of Health NZ ensures we are able to provide the level of residential care needed.  

For more information, give us a call today.



Lara Lodge is a large Family style semi-colonial looking Home. Once the home of a local respected Maori Land Court Judge who absolutely loved the garden. The next owners converted the property to a rest home and over many years Lara Lodge was known as a sort of boutique style residence, more along the lines of a private B&B Hotel. The current owners Walter and Teresa purchased Lara Lodge in early 2017 with a desire to embrace and build into the original vision of excellence of care. 
A rather remarkable dedicated team of staff are well equipped to listen to the needs of each resident in order to understand how the best possible care, support and assistance that is specific and appropriate to each undividual can be given. 
Who comes here? There are a variety of reasons a person would choose to come to Lara Lodge Care Home and this may be because an illness or disabiliity has bought limitations. Perhaps it is the later years of life that has seen challenges that require a modifying of decisions and actions. Loneliness and social isoloation may have precipated such a move.  
The Home has generous sized  individual bedrooms most with en-suite bathroom (WC & basin).  Separate bathrooms, 3 separate lounges a large semi formal dining room, central kitchen and nursing station. An extensive rear north facing deck faces the private garden. Nurses and 24/7 care  staff along with the kitchen, cleaning, gardening and maintenance team are here to ensure that living life well is for real.


Living and Thriving

To live and thrive in a healthy, comfortable, clean environment means more than just a building - we need a home. Its the things that take place inside and out that contribute to health and well-being. That might be something as simple as fresh flowers on the tables each week or time spent over a cuppa together. With an emphasis on joyful activities, good food, great care, less waste with the aim to live, do and bring life.



Planned and Spontaneous

Lead by some really neat people, we concentrate on the things that residents enjoy.

Brain games, exercises, one on one, art therapy, music, sing-alongs, events, celebrations, reading, puzzles, crafts, bingo, happy hour,guided walks, , visiting speakers & musicians, church services, drama.....



Everyday People doing the Extraordinary

It’s comforting to know that you’re not alone when you need assistance. The dedicated staff at Lara Lodge Care Home are on call 24/7 in order to serve our residents’ needs. Whether it’s an unusual medication schedule or there’s a health emergency in the middle of the night, our well trained staff are able to handle things well.

We have a Team & Family approach to what we do, with a "work in with each other ethos." We wont get everything right - however we will try hard to get things as right as possible. 





Experienced, educated, professional, caring, enthusiastic, believably good only begins to describe this outstanding group of people.

Wendy, Donna.  Darly, Mellisa, Lisa, Anju, Kuljit, Lini, Jenny & Denise. 

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Greeshma Nair is our Clinical Lead

Mellisa TeRauna EN


Musical Mellisa has worked at Lara Since the end of 2016. She has a big heart and a beautiful voice and lucky for us we often get to enjoy her singing and her hugs! She is exact in her care of others. Mellisa  is a doting wife, mum and grandmother with years of nurse and caregiving experience.

Greeshma has worked at Lara since the year we took over Lara Lodge (2017). She is passionate about the care of older folk and is full of heart and soul. A true team player and an outstanding nurse. Greeshma is a vibrant, confident, caring woman who loves her work, her very supportive husband and now her gorgeous nearly 2 year old son.  

Fresh Chicken Salad


Chef: Greg P

Janice,  Bronwyn, Lisa and Teresa

Hydration Assistants

Kelly and Bailey

Chef Greg works on arranging a non-rotating menu, but ensures that 'favourites are regulars on the menu. His passion and creativity for food and the care of our elders through good nutrition is evident in all he plans, purchases and prepares. The rest of the team work part time & each have their own strengths. Janice boasts the title of being the longest serving staff member at Lara and celebrates her 20th year here February 2021. Bronwyn worked for many years in a childrens Health Camp and brings a weath of experience also since her arrival in 2018. Brittany the newest member of the team is our hydration assistant ensuring everyone is well watered! Walter a european trained chef with a hotel management background loves sharing ideas, knowledge and practical helps. 


Cheryl, Lisa, Tetibe.

With a eye for detail the cleaning team take a professional approach to all aspects of home grooming and deep cleaning. The girls know that what they do makes a difference in the day to day lives of each resident and thats the approach they take to the big and little things. Infection control is a priority with all our staff including the housekeepers.

Vaccum Cleaner
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Affirmation Poster

Wellness Co-Ordinator and Activities Supporters


Lisa, Jenny.

With regular visits from musicians, church groups, childrens groups (schools & day care) artists and groups and people of interest we enjoy all sorts of funtimes together. 

Brain games and exercises start the day off followed by things like current affairs, story telling, crafts, games, manicures, outings, Happy Hour, movie times, music times. f laughter ensures the days activities are anything but boring.

Keshar hails from Nepal where he trained and worked as a physiotherapist. His systematic and 'lets keep moving approach' to the days acitivities provide plenty of stimulation to aid strength & balance.


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Walter and Teresa Scheer

They say opposites attract and this couple agree. Decades together has taught them a few things about getting on with & in life. They say its their differences that bring about a synergy that aids them to live out their ethos and passion to serve with excellence. They uphold the values of servant leadership and believe in bottom up not top down! 

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“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards”

Soren Kierkegaard



4 Pegasus Dr, Sunnybrook, Rotorua 3015, New Zealand

07-347 7604

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